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Our Services

Technosoft provides a range of professional services delivered by experts with operational experience building and running the largest E-Mail, messaging and Internet networks. These services range from architecture and design of software solutions, website design & development to deployment services and operational support.

Custom Software Development

To address your business needs we have expertise in facilitation of designing and development of software applications for automation of business workflow processes as per your specific requirements. Our specialization includes software development with IBM Lotus Domino (Notes) and Microsoft .NET .We also offer the following groupware and work flow automation solutions for some key business processes required by most organisations-

Knowledge Management

What’s the biggest loss when an employee leaves or moves to a different level? Biggest loss or threat to any company in these cases is the knowledge earned by the employee in the due course of time.Knowledge Management works as an effective tool for the company to build a strong database which will not only capture and manage the knowledge gained by various employee but would also facilitate new/old employees to take important business critical decisions.

Sales Force Management

Sales Force Automation is a complete solution which automates the entire cycle from capturing the opportunity till invoicing and delivery of product.The application is built to manage all small and big tasks conducted by the sales team on day to day basis. Multi-layered approach allows users at different levels in the organization to view information relevant to them which in turn helps them in decision making. Using inbuilt features like forecast, sending quotes, sending reminders, view case history, manage clients would make you feel the ease and power of this application.

Travel Management

Travel Management provides the organization the approval process of travel request and its expense reimbursement. Application is designed to integrate with the standard formats of accepting inputs in bulk from any external travel agency and exports data in required format to accounting application. There are inbuilt triggers/reminder/escalation emails based on various events that take place in the entire travel process.

Man Power Requisition

Manpower Requisition application consists of complete workflow starting from requisition authorization process till induction of the employee.The system maintains the profile of the users who are authorized to request for man power and the approval process involved in finalizing the needs. The resume sourcing is maintained with the complete details of the consultants and other agencies which the organization is dealing. The positions are also available for the internal posting and reference as required .The business rule / workflow is defined from the short listing of the candidates and till the generation of the appointment letter

Help Desk and Asset Management

Help Desk and Asset Management application provides the organization with the ability to log and track the employee’s service requests. The employee can enter the service request pertaining to any problem and are assign tickets with the pre defined process rules of solving and closing the problem. It also maintains the records of the complete assets with the organization with their annual maintenance / warranty contracts. The escalation levels can be configured based on the policies of the organization.

Complaint Management

Complaint from a customer if taken positively gives an opportunity to further improve the product. Along side, needs a strong MIS reports to corrective actions in order to further reduce the complaints and their turn-around time. In-built events like capturing complaint, sending acknowledgement to customer, doing root cause analysis of complaint, assigning complaint of relevant department, tracking time taken at each level, cost of complaint resolution and many more are there to help management manage their complaints well.

Leave Management

Leave Management is an integral part of every organization. Application not only provides organization the approval process of leave request but also handles the related components like delegation of task, managing duty roaster, updating leave information to finance department and integration with punch-card / attendance machines.

Capital Expenditure Approval Process

CAPEX application is based on the purchase authorization approval cycle with certain business rules. The business rules are fully configurable according to the organizations needs .The rules are basically approval capacity matrix based on the type of the purchase and the value allotted to each individual / cost centers/ departments.The approval cycle includes user raising the purchase authorization, the purchase authorization getting validated from the budget controller of the organization against the allotted budget , purchase authorization getting approved by the approver as per organization hierarchy and getting processed by the purchase department.

Performance Review

Performance Review module provides HR managers with a facility to set periodic review cycles for employees based on company defined competency sets. The review cycle allows managers, employees and additional reviewers to review employee performance based on criteria for the employee's job requirements.

Website Design, Development & Maintenance

Technosoft Solutions is among the top Indian web designing companies that provide customer driven web site designing services and more importantly complete them on time. Our expert website designers have proficiency in striking the precise sense of balance of the looks, the business needs, requirements as well as aspirations. Website designs prepared by our professional website designers are compatible with W3C compliance (World Wide Web Consortium), the main international standard organization for the World Wide Web.

Website maintenance constitutes amending, editing text, images, services, products, etc or altering existing web pages to keep your website updated.

How frequent to update depends greatly on business to business. It can be as infrequent as once in every couple of months to as much as frequent as daily updation, according to your needs.

Intranet & Portals

An intranet portal project may well be the first and last project in your organisation that truly touches everyone, from the office of your CEO to the newest recruit.

Whilst humble in itself, your intranet site has the power and potential to transform your organisation and make a significant contribution to your war effort.

We believe that a world class intranet portal can become the engine of your organisation and may well be the most significant investment that you ever make in your people, their processes and their systems.

Intranet portal development typically involves the following processes:

  • Development and Implementation of Information Portal - The Portal platform & underlying infrastructure.
  • Development and implementation of workflow applications- Business Processes Automation.
  • The Business Content published to the portal and Content Management , Creation & deployment.
  • The Enterprise-wide portals & applications and Integration with ERP applications.
Software Implementation and Support

At times many of the users/customers may desire to have the software products and applications to be installed and implemented on their systems and networks so as to save time and resources of their organisation. We provide our services for installation of these software through our dedicated team of software experts. We can also provide services for software migration, configuration and optimization on the user network involved.

Software Support & Troubleshooting is a range of services providing assistance with complex software products attempting to help the user/customer solve specific problems with the product. Technical support may be delivered over the telephone or online by e-mail or a web site or through remote access. In addition we also provide technical support onsite as may be required depending on the nature of problem &/or customer requirement . All Such services may be availed by our customers either on per incident basis or on a support package which may be for a fixed period of time as required (eg. Quarterly or Annually etc.)

Software training

Software training may be required for updating the skills of the software users in line with the latest products applications or versions of new technologies in software.We can provide these services through our own software specialists or facilitate the same through third party as required.

Software maintenance & Renewal

Software maintenance includes the modification/customisation of a software product or application after delivery to correct faults, to improve performance or other attributes, or to adapt the product to a modified environment.

Customer may desire to sign up for annual technical support services through us with the respective OEM/principal developer of any particular software so as to receive timely updates , plug-in and patches as well as timely intimations for renewal of software .We facilitate such ATS services for the customer through the respective OEMs for all international software products marketed by us as may be provided by the OEM.

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Custom Software Development
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Intranet & Portals
Software Implementation and Support
Software Training
Software Maintenance & Renewal
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